We believe in the strategy of strength in numbers, so our team represents only top selected vendors. This approach puts us in a position to have better bargaining power, and enables us to get the best possible prices for your hard work.


Our marketing team will open up markets in most destination areas. We will provide a strong presence on most social media platforms in order to get you the most exposure possible.

Our team will create promotions and special events, to promote you and your products.

Customer Service

Our team will provide all after sale services, i.e. making prerolls, packing, updating inventory, collecting sales data and using feedback from clients to help manage production. We cater to all of the needs of your clients.

The key is to keep constant contact with both you and the clients and ensure a smooth transaction between each.



We can assist you with managing, storing, restocking and providing up to date inventory.


Labeling is something you might consider getting into in the near future. Labeling or branding is a very critical part of your business, and will set you apart from other cultivators. 

Our designers will help create your brand and identity.


"I have been in the cannabis industry since 2008 and am a founding partner of a legal 2050 sq.m. facility in San Francisco. This facility produces around 3000 kg of flowers a year and is a licensed distribution company, Along with doing branding, we have an extraction facility where we produce distilled oil.

With my experience, I am able to assist in cultivation to the strain selection, branding and other needs you might have.

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiry."

Founder: Hockkee Yeo